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Since Stamford Landscaping started, we have grown into one of the most reputable landscaping companies in the greater Stamford area. We are experts in landscaping, and over the last decade we have designed and maintained beautiful lawns, gardens, and landscapes for thousands of satisfied customers.

If you're looking to revolutionize your garden, let our expert team take care of it for you. We'll work with you on a plan, decide the best plants for your specific location, and advise on how to care for your new flowers or shrubbery so that they can thrive. We are also available to do routine maintenance to keep your garden looking fresh all year around.

Stamford Landscaping is also experienced with both residential and commercial landscaping. We offer maintenance and design services tailored specifically to your site needs. We can help you create a natural and organic garden, or one that features modern wood structures or fountains. We can also make detailed recommendations on what would be best for your backyard based on what you want out of it, and our consultations are free. Our experts will also work with our partners in the industry so that we can meet your needs without sending you all over town for multiple services.

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We are an environmentally friendly company, and we recycle everything we can to keep our carbon footprint low. We strive to make our customers happy by providing a variety of services so that you can enjoy your garden the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Our team takes care of everything from planting and fertilizing plants to removing trees and shrubs, and we also offer snow shoveling services for homeowners who don't want to risk their backs during a snowstorm.

As Stamford Landscaping has grown, we’ve learned a lot about how to maintain and improve your property efficiently. We know that our customers expect exceptional service and that’s why we work with them to develop a tailored approach. Whether you need to spruce up your backyard, redesign a front yard, or expert planting services, we would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote..

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Year Round Service...
We offer year-round services because we know how difficult it can be to find good landscapers during the winter months. These include --

  • mowing
  • planting new flowers
  • edging
  • trimming shrubbery
  • fertilizing, mulching
  • weeding
  • snow removal

...and more. Our team can take care of all areas of your yard for a complete look that'll leave your neighbors green with envy!

We know that trying to find a landscaping company that knows what they are doing can be difficult, but Stamford Landscaping has mastered the art of outdoor living. Capable of transforming even the simplest yard into an extraordinary landscape with exceptional hardscapes and unique horticultural designs, Stamford Landscaping has helped thousands of homeowners create their dream outdoor spaces in Stamford, CT.

Garden maintenance might sound simple, but it's a must for any beautiful yard with long-term health in mind. Our professionals will tailor their program to your property needs, taking into account factors such as pests that might be bothering your plant life. Trust us to keep your lawn looking green throughout Stamford winters.

If you're looking for a Stamford landscaper who will create your perfect outdoor living environment, talk to Stamford Landscaping. We offer help with all aspects of outdoor living including landscape design, installation, irrigation systems, patios and walkways. Want to get started today? Just call or request a quote and a team member will be with you as soon as possible!

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Stamford Landscaping FAQs

Ensuring your lawn gets all the necessary nutrients it needs is essential to maintaining its health and shine. Fertilizer slowly releases organic nutrients into the soil promoting revitalization and growth. We recommend applying it once a year in spring.

For more advice call Stamford Landscaping on 203-349-9584

Hardscapes are any of the man-made, permanent structures built into your yard and property -- retainging walls, paths, patios, driveways, fountains etc.

For all your hardscaping needs just call the team at Stamford Landscaping on 203-349-9584

Over the hot summer months we recommend watering 2-3 inches a week, ideally early in the morning. You can adjust this depending on rainfall. When it’s cooler you can trim that to 1-2 inches a week.

For all your irrigation needs, leave it to Stamford Landsacping - 203-349-9584

Spring is the time to plant your flower beds and vegetable garden and also begin any hardscaping jobs. Summer accounts for major landscaping and hardscaping builds. Fall is ideal for planting trees and bushes. Why not leave it up to us to remember?

Stamford Landscaping can take all the planning off your hands. 203-349-9584

High quality landscaping is often one of the first details a prospective buyer will notice and it undoubtedly adds curb appeal. It also speaks to how well you care for the property and a well-landscaped property can see up to 10% added to home valuation. For the premiere landscaping services in town call Stamford Landscaping on 203-349-9584 now!

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