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Hardscape Landscaping Stamford CT

Looking for hardscaping in Stamford, CT? Our local team of professional hardscaping contractors has you covered. From the start, we've led the local Stamford landscaping industry in providing exceptional hardscaping services at a fraction of the cost. From hardscaping to sprinkler installation to flower maintenance, we have the experience and expertise to beautify any property.

Softscapes are everything natural on your property, brought to you by mother nature: plants, flowers, grasses and trees; whereas hardscapes are any of the man-made, permanent structures built into your yard and property --

  • retaining walls
  • paths
  • patios
  • driveways
  • stairs
  • fountains.

These additions can improve property value massively, and ultimately make your life more convenient. We also know that what's important in your landscaping will depend on the space you have available and your budget, and we take that into consideration before any design proposal or project.

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At Stamford Landscaping, we pay attention to every detail because we know that great landscaping isn't just about looks - it's about functionality. Your yard or commercial property is an opportunity that many companies don’t understand; plants are capable of providing ample shade, for instance, and trees can be positioned so they provide a buffer against the wind. Stamford Landscaping offers a wide range of services, from basic care like clearing debris and cutting lawns, to more advanced treatments like fertilizing and pruning your bushes and trees.

And when it comes to Hardscaping projects, no company in Fairfield County is better equipped to make your dreams a reality. Have you been dreaming of an outdoor entertaining area for years, but never quite had the time or savings for it? Longing to increase the value of your property and also be envy of all your neighbors? It's time for that beautifully paved patio, that outdoor kitchen, that fire pit! The legendary team of hardscaping contracors at Stamford Landscaping are standing by to listen to what you want, plan impeccably and then execute the project with best workmanship, customer service and prices in town. Call today for a free quote and consultation!

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A Full Service Landscaping Company...
As a full-service provider, Stamford Landscaping can do it all when it comes to both hardscaping or flowers - we're constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas that will make clients' properties stand out from the crowd. No matter whether you need a new patio, retaining wall or paved pathway, allow us to take the work off your hands!

The problem with a lot of landscaping companies is that they don't really pay attention to the specifics. For example, although they may plant a tree on your property, they often neglect considering how to position trees and plants for good airflow or shade. Likewise, we’ve seen many projects where a beautiful flower garden was installed without taking into consideration where someone might walk after mowing their lawn. Our Stamford Landscaping experts think not just what looks nice but what functions well too - which means that not only will your yard look amazing, but it'll last longer, cost less to maintain over time, and improve your property value.

But no matter how much care you put into your yard, if it's not maintained on a regular basis, it'll start looking worse for wear. That's why Stamford Landscaping also offers maintenance packages that include everything from one-time transitions like flower beds to regular cleanings every week or month. These service packages will give you peace of mind when it comes to caring for your lawn and garden with no hassles or problems down the road.

Our expert designers will create a one-of-a-kind landscape for you that reflects your personal style and budget. Let our qualified installers make your project come to life with their quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Stamford Landscaping is your one-stop shop for quality landscaping services at unbeatable prices. If you're looking for a professional landscaping company that offers high-quality services at an affordable cost, give Stamford Landscaping a call today!

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Stamford Landscaping FAQs

Ensuring your lawn gets all the necessary nutrients it needs is essential to maintaining its health and shine. Fertilizer slowly releases organic nutrients into the soil promoting revitalization and growth. We recommend applying it once a year in spring.

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Hardscapes are any of the man-made, permanent structures built into your yard and property -- retainging walls, paths, patios, driveways, fountains etc.

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Over the hot summer months we recommend watering 2-3 inches a week, ideally early in the morning. You can adjust this depending on rainfall. When it’s cooler you can trim that to 1-2 inches a week.

For all your irrigation needs, leave it to Stamford Landsacping - 203-349-9584

Spring is the time to plant your flower beds and vegetable garden and also begin any hardscaping jobs. Summer accounts for major landscaping and hardscaping builds. Fall is ideal for planting trees and bushes. Why not leave it up to us to remember?

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High quality landscaping is often one of the first details a prospective buyer will notice and it undoubtedly adds curb appeal. It also speaks to how well you care for the property and a well-landscaped property can see up to 10% added to home valuation. For the premiere landscaping services in town call Stamford Landscaping on 203-349-9584 now!

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