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Lawn Care Stamford CT

If you’re in a rush to get quality lawn care in Stamford, CT, then look no further. Stamford Landscaping is an experienced, professional landscaping company with dozens of years of experience servicing clients just like you.

Since Stamford Landscaping started, we have been providing exceptional lawn care and landscaping services to homeowners in the area. From simple lawn maintenance plans to full-service landscaping packages, Stamford Landscaping will provide you with excellent customer service and consistent, fully trained team members for a reasonable price. Over time, we've grown into one of the premier landscaping companies for lawn care, tree service, and land clearing in Stamford, and we continue to improve our reputation with each passing day.

When you are looking for a reliable company to provide quality lawn care, or need a commercial company to help with hardscaping, our team will take care of your property like we would our own home. We have a team of professional landscapers to help you with your landscape design, and we offer a wide range of services from yearly maintenance to one-time projects.

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Lawn Service Stamford CT

An Investment in Your Lawn...
Your lawn is often one of your biggest investments, so why not put it in the care of professionals? Stamford Landscaping is here to help you whether you need lawn care on a weekly basis or just need someone to spruce up your landscaping for an event. We have a knowledgeable staff to help you with any of your landscaping needs and will show up on time. No job is too big or too small for us to handle, and we’ve helped our customers find solutions for everything from grilling stations to porch screens to complete property landscaping.

Whether we're servicing an individual's home or someone who owns a commercial business, we work hard to provide the customer with originality and quality while demonstrating our integrity, reliability and professionalism. You'll get the benefit of years of expertise and knowledge from our company that others just can't provide, and we're trained to provide a seamless, convenient landscaping experience for your comfort.

Lawn Care Near Me Stamford CT

Our customers know that we provide top quality services at affordable prices. Because of our extensive experience providing lawn care in Stamford, CT, we've built a structured, efficient system for completing excellent quality work for our clients. This improved efficiency and economy-of-scale means we get to pass the savings on to you, which is why we offer some of the best rates in our local community. And that type of dedication to your budget is just the beginning.

Stamford Landscaping offers a variety of special packages that include:

  • lawn mowing
  • lawn fertilization
  • leaf removal
  • trimming
  • edging
  • general garden care

Our experienced team will come into your backyard and remove weeds and grubs without any harm to your garden or lawn, providing you with a healthy environment to have fun in.

Looking to improve the quality of your lawn today? Our experienced professionals will happily come to your project site, provide an in-depth estimate at no added cost, and begin planning your work for you! Just call today and we’ll get you in touch with one of our talented team members. Call today for a free quote and consultation. 203-349-9584.

Stamford Landscaping FAQs

Ensuring your lawn gets all the necessary nutrients it needs is essential to maintaining its health and shine. Fertilizer slowly releases organic nutrients into the soil promoting revitalization and growth. We recommend applying it once a year in spring.

For more advice call Stamford Landscaping on 203-349-9584

Hardscapes are any of the man-made, permanent structures built into your yard and property -- retainging walls, paths, patios, driveways, fountains etc.

For all your hardscaping needs just call the team at Stamford Landscaping on 203-349-9584

Over the hot summer months we recommend watering 2-3 inches a week, ideally early in the morning. You can adjust this depending on rainfall. When it’s cooler you can trim that to 1-2 inches a week.

For all your irrigation needs, leave it to Stamford Landsacping - 203-349-9584

Spring is the time to plant your flower beds and vegetable garden and also begin any hardscaping jobs. Summer accounts for major landscaping and hardscaping builds. Fall is ideal for planting trees and bushes. Why not leave it up to us to remember?

Stamford Landscaping can take all the planning off your hands. 203-349-9584

High quality landscaping is often one of the first details a prospective buyer will notice and it undoubtedly adds curb appeal. It also speaks to how well you care for the property and a well-landscaped property can see up to 10% added to home valuation. For the premiere landscaping services in town call Stamford Landscaping on 203-349-9584 now!

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